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Design and Content Services that Solve Real Business Problems

We're a No B.S. digital agency that helps small businesses, non-profits, and associations grow.

Life is Too Short for Crappy Design
and Ineffective Marketing

Your business was designed for more. So, let us help you design and build a website, an app, or content strategy that you’ll not only be proud of but that will grow your business and build loyal customers.

What We Do

Fifty Eight is a small digital design and content strategy agency based in Dallas, TX. We offer a range of services for small businesses, non-profits, associations, and professionals looking to create or improve their website or app based on in-depth market and customer research.

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Web Design & Development

We believe design should be beautiful and functional, so we design and develop stunning websites to be responsive and accessible to all.

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Content Strategy & User Research

If you confuse your customers, you lose them. We help you get to know your customers and then craft simple and clear messages that resonate with them.

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Digital Marketing & Analytics

Stop throwing marketing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. We use in-depth market research to create strategies and content that converts customers.

How It Works

Request a free consultation
Get your personalized strategy

Next, get a personalized strategy tailored to you and your goals.

Execute your strategy

Finally, we help you execute the strategy so you can meet your goals and grow your business.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It…

Although our website had been through several reorganizations and rewrites, it wasn't until Matt took on the project that a new and dramatically improved website emerged. From clear, concise and compelling copywriting to smarter organization - Matt has done a spectacular job of making our website more accessible to a broader audience. Matt adds so much value I can't imagine how we managed before.

-Darlene Lee, Executive Director, Earth Law Center

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If your website uses Google Maps, then you’ve probably seen something along the lines of “Enter your Google Maps API key” during setup. You probably thought, “what is an API key and why do I need one?” Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the steps required to get Google Maps up and running on your…

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Aggressive Marketing with Sephora

Marketing popups: user experience experts hate them but marketers love ‘em. Almost half of web users find them to be annoying, mostly because they ARE annoying. Who needs to be confirmshamed into getting 10% off free shipping on your next order? Not us. And yet, it seems like every single website has some sort of…

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Automatically Manage New Contacts from Your Website

Mailchimp is a great resource for small businesses and one that we’ve used for email marketing for several years. But many small business owners overlook one of the most powerful features of Mailchimp — the ability to categorize your contacts into audience segments. Segments allow you to group your contacts so that you can target…

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Plain Language Writing for Small Business

Writing is critical to your customers’ experience of your product, service, or website. Clear and concise writing that is easy for users to understand the first time they read it and take action on it is the essence of plain language. By practicing and applying a few plain language tips, you’ll be able to improve…

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How to Add a Jump Link to a Web Page

Adding a jump link to your web page is a useful trick. Most web links take your visitors to another page, but sometimes you want to jump to content within the page. Adding a jump link to your page is quick and easy to do, but it does involve a couple of steps to make…

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Web Accessibility 101

Is your web site accessible to people with disabilities or who use assistive technologies? You need to check out the first video in our web accessibility series and find out. While this series is especially designed for small and medium businesses and non-profits, the rules apply to anyone with a web site or app. Stay…

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