Aspire Education

Student taking a standardized test

Aspire Education Project was founded in 2005 to address the gap in access to educational resources for students in the Bay Area. Aspire seeks to empower students through a variety of one-on-one tutoring, outreach, and early-childhood literacy programs. Fifty Eight performed an in-depth audit of the Aspire website and presented a list of recommended updates.…

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Tranzstar home page featuring a semi truck with a tanker trailer

Tranzstar is a small, locally-owned trucking and logistics company. They were struggling with their web host and needed a new solution fast! We were able to procure hosting, build a new, modern website and migrate all content within their timeline and budget. In addition, we refreshed their content and imagery and provided a smooth, responsive…

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Earth Law Center

Earth Law Center page header with a starry sky and the ELC logo

Earth Law Center (ELC) is a non-profit that takes a unique approach to conservation by seeking legal rights for ecosystems and species, like those given to people and corporations. ELC initially engaged Fifty Eight to evaluate and rewrite much of their website content. During the course of the project we were also tasked with making…

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How to Obtain a Google Maps API Key

Map with a red pin in the middle and red yarn threads extending in several directions

If your website uses Google Maps, then you’ve probably seen something along the lines of “Enter your Google Maps API key” during setup. You probably thought, “what is an API key and why do I need one?” Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the steps required to get Google Maps up and running on your…

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Agent Adam Scott

Adam Scott is an Austin-based real estate agent who specializes in luxury condominiums. Adam needed an MLS-based listing solution for his website so that his clients and leads could easily find available properties and request more information. We built an automated solution that displays available listings for each property on his site. Our solution requires…

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Automatically Manage New Contacts from Your Website

Mailchimp is a great resource for small businesses and one that we’ve used for email marketing for several years. But many small business owners overlook one of the most powerful features of Mailchimp — the ability to categorize your contacts into audience segments. Segments allow you to group your contacts so that you can target…

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How to Add a Jump Link to a Web Page

Computer code displayed on a monitor

Adding a jump link to your web page is a useful trick. Most web links take your visitors to another page, but sometimes you want to jump to content within the page. Adding a jump link to your page is quick and easy to do, but it does involve a couple of steps to make…

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